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aviation emergency and safety equipment

SPM-Aero Co. Ltd is Russian company, established in 1997, and offering a range of Western-built aviation emergency and safety equipment. SPM-Aero is offering the products of Air Cruisers (emergency evacuation slides and slide-rafts, life vests and life rafts), Aerazur (child life vests, helicopter floatation systems and helicopter rafts), Pacific Scientific/HTL (fixed fire extinguishers), Siemens S.A.S. (smoke detection systems), Air Liquide (smoke hood), and Amerex (portable fire extinguisher). SPM-Aero also offer portable flashlights, transformer-rectifier units, infant life vests (cots), and other types of aviation equipment. SPM-Aero have a stock in Moscow and deliver equipment to Russian OEMs and majority of Russian airlines.

As further development of SPM-Aero activities, SPM-Service company was established in 2006, which is service center of Air Cruisers, Aerazur and Pacific Scientific equipment.